Top 10 Security Attacks Revealed

Each day there are attacks coming through internet. Do you know what they are? That is the first step in helping to mitigate against data breaches. In the next week will be covering different types of data breaches and how to proactively stop them from happening. If you do get attacked how do you recover?

Here are the topics we will be discussing during the week.

  1. Phishing
  2. Spoofing
  3. Spam and Malware
  4. Account Breaches
  5. Elevation of Privilege
  6. Data Exfiltration
  7. Data Deletion
  8. Data Spillage
  9. Password Hacks
  10. Malicious Insider

As you an see there are a lot of different ways our data can be compromised. You need to understand each of these to be able to arm your self with tools to stop the attacks. Also, you need to understand how you can recover from these attacks. So, stay tuned to your email.

Let’s get started.

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