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  • Introduction

    This a quick overview of what's inside this video course. It is a birdseve view of what to expect so that you can implment it at a faster rate.

  • Social Media Platforms

    Before you can learn how to automate Social Media you need to insure that you understand the pirpose and reasoning behind social media platforms. It is essential to figuring out where how you will be using each platflorm. The reality is that different social media sites have different purposes.

  • Which Platform is Best?

    Now it is time to decide which platform is best form your business niche. Some of the social media sites may be irrelevant to you and your prospects. Maybe the sites that your prospects will never use. You may have overlooked at site that could be a goldmine of traffic and dollars in your pocket. So, let's help you to make a good decision.

  • Customize Your Gameplan

    Once you have narrowed down the Social Media platforms that you can use with your clients., it is time to customize your gameplan. You need to figure out all of the details as to what, when, how and why it might fullfil your prospects needs. Knowing all of there details will allow you to figure out exactly ow you will use the social media sites. This includes whether you are using them now or if you were going to use them in the future. This allows you to ficgure precisely step-by-step how to automate the process.

  • Map it Out

    In the last section we made a gameplan on which social media platforms we are going to use. Now it is time to put it into pictures. This will help you to be able to see the process in a flow chart. This will help you to visualize the process.

  • Automation Apps

    We have now created our road map. Now it is time to explore the different Automation apps that we an use.

  • Free Automation

    We now have our road map and were introduced to some of the paid services for social media automation. Now we are going to spend a little time learning about a free automation tool that we can use. We will show you how to set it up and get running.


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