Victim or Victor?

In this life we have two things that happen to us for sure, we are born and we will die someday. Anything that is in between is our responsibility. You have to decide, are you the Victim or the Victor.

Excuses are useless

Have you ever heard that phrase or saying “Excuses are useless”. Well they are. When you look at what happens to us it is not by luck or fate. We drive the forces of nature by our thoughts. As you think you will become. We need to fill our heads with positive aspirations. Tell your subconscious mind to do something positive. Look at your past. Have you ever had something happen to you , you knew it was going to happen. Do you think that is premonition? How about you made it happen. We need to take control of our destinies and how you do that is by changing the way you think. Stop making excuses and start making plans. Stop being a Victim and become a Victor.

Plan or fail to plan

Myself I need to take this into context. I usually fly by the seat of my pants. I am not afraid to step out and possibly get run over. To a certain point that is what a entrepreneur does. They take risks. But, you need to learn from those risks. We need to take calculated risks. When we are ready to push the start button on a new venture we should step back and assess the outcome. We to visualize a successful outcome. If we visualize a success then we will have it. Nikola Tesla used this principle in his life. There are so many books that talk about tapping into the infinite intelligence. Making our conscious thoughts control our subconscious thoughts. If you want to master this you need to concentrate on what you want. Visualize it in your mind. Then tell your conscious mind how you plan to make this happen. This is where goal writing comes into the light. If you write your goals down and let the world know about them , then you start to believe them yourself. Then your physical body when do everything in it’s power to make it happen. This is where planning will help you to become the Victor instead of the Victim.

Just Do It

That is the famous slogan that Nike provides to the world. You have seem so many athletes use those same words. But, what does it mean. We need to stop planning and start doing. Do you have dreams? Everyone has them from birth. God gave us those dreams. Remember the infinite intelligence? Well that is God talking to you. Where do you think your dreams are aspirations come from, the ether? They are built into our DNA. But, dreams will not become reality until you actually take action those dreams. Take Art Williams for example. He was the founder of A.L. Williams which become PriAmerica. His dream was to provide low cost high quality insurance for every household in America. He was a football coach. You know his favorite phrase “Just Do It”. I was part of this organization when I left college. I became a self-employed person at a young age. But, what I am saying is that Art Williams was a Victor. He would not take no for an answer. He also taught all of his organization to be the same. When we would go to Art and say “I am going to be best sales person this month”. He would say “Just Do It”. See talk is cheap. Anyone can say that they are going to be a success it is up to the individual to make that happen. How do you do that? Take action and “Just Do It”. This will help you to become a Victor instead of a Victim.


In our lives we will be presented with many decisions that we need to make. We will make good ones and also bad ones. That is how life is built. It is a learning process. When we do make decisions we need to think about the outcome. If you don’t make a decision one will be made for you. This inedible, you will not be able to escape this process. You will either make a decision to something or make a decision not to do it. I am listening to an audio book by Anthony Robison. You probably have seen him on the TV or may have read some of his books. Decisions is one of the things that he teaches. We can change our lives by just making the correct decision. He says that we need to flex our decision muscle. We are so lazy when it comes to decisions. I do it all of the time. Saying things like “I guess so”. You need to be more decisive in your decisions. Let people know that what you stand for in this life. If you don’t believe in something then let people know. It is your God given right. Not everyone has to agree with your decision but that does not matter. The fact is that you made a decision. Then you will live by the consequences or the rewards of the decision. You can be a Victim and let other decide for you or you can decide for yourself and be the Victor. It all boils down to your decision.

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Michael has been a business over for over 20 years and has worked in the IT industry for 34 years. He has written for several publications and also authored training classes and videos. He also does presentations in different areas of technology. He is happily married and living in Fl. He lives to help businesses and individuals to solve problems using the latest in cutting edge technologies.

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