Top 8 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying to Attract High-Quality Clients

There are a number of common mistakes entrepreneurs and service providers make when they are trying to attract high-quality clients. Avoiding these mistakes can mean the difference between struggling or running your business smoothly, with a steady stream of clients willing to pay you what you are worth. We are going to explore the Top 8:

Not Distinguishing between Price and Value

A lot of vendors worry about price, and are willing to sell their services for less than their competition. The trouble is that you can get locked into the cheaper price, and find it difficult to raise it in the future. In addition, the lower price might attract only bargain-basement clients, rather than quality ones you could have a long-term relationship with. Top business people might actually dismiss you for being too cheap. You have to under promise and over deliver. Do some research and see what the competition is selling their products. Then add something different to yours to make it worth more. When customer thinks they are getting a steal they will come back for more.

Then there is a question of value. Value and price are not the same. Your value will be in how good you are with your work, how reliable you are, and how well you are able to stick to your deadlines. Your value is also determined by your experience. If you are a real pro at WordPress, for example, then you are more valuable than a person charging the same amount who isn’t, because you are bringing your knowledge and experience to every project.

Not Choosing a Niche

Service providers who choose a particular niche to work in often find that it is easier to get work, because they start to build up a reputation as an expert in that niche. The top three niches are health, finance and self-help. You can find a lot of clients that are looking for assistance in these areas. Everyone wants to lose weight. Everyone wants to make more money. We all need to boost our self-esteem. Some of the other areas that may of interest include travel, relationships and family. Find a niche that fits your personality and your lifestyle.

Giving Away Too Much for Free to Make the Sale

It is great to want to prove that you are a talented worker who can deliver the goods, but time is money, and so is the work you do. A lot of new service providers give away far too much in terms of free information and their time. Free samples are not really needed – you have your portfolio to show what you can do.

You should also avoid long consultation calls. In an effort to be helpful and prove you are the right person for the job, you would probably give away far more information than you should. Then they really have no reason to hire you, because you have already told them what to do. Just think of it this way. When you go to a doctor is the first hour free? No way. You pay for all of their time. Use free consultation as a lead magnet. Give away 15 minutes or 30 minutes of your time. But, don’t get to specific on what you tell the customer. Just give them enough to make them hungry. You want to make them chase after you and not the other way around. Free is good but in moderation.

Not Being Clear about What You Offer

Make a list of everything that you are good at that you could offer to your clients. Then narrow it down to things that you enjoy and can do quickly. Next, decide how closely related they are to each other. Can you offer a number of services that cover many of the basics that busy business owners would find it useful to hand over to others? They might include customer service, email marketing, uploading content to a blog, and so on.

For example, if you are able to do email marketing and you also have a health background, this might be worth mentioning in some cases, but not in others. A person interested in finance, for example, might not think you were the right person for them. Think of the areas that you are passionate about and excited to tell people. If you it helps you get out of bed in the morning and ready to take on the world. You wan this show in your work and your presentations. When someone needs help on a project what do they ask you? What can you contribute that sets you aside from everyone else? This will help you to understand what you can bring to your customers and make them hungry for more.

Not Having a Well-Constructed Portfolio

Your portfolio should give examples of each of the services you wish to offer, if at all possible. Give items a title, link to them, and if there are many samples, group them according to the category of services being offered. There are so many websites and entrepreneurs that a client can choose from. Why should they do business with you? What can you offer that is different from the competition? You need to make yourself known, Do you have a LinkedIn account? You can showcase your projects there. Also, you a service like WIX or another website program. Create a website to showcase your abilities. This is your virtual business card. The more you put on their more people will start to trust you. When clients need answers they will come to you.

Not Marketing Yourself Enough

Once you are a service provider, you need to tell the world you are available for work. This is not a time to be shy. This is a big one. How can you get clients if they cannot find you? You have a good product or service but if no one knows about it , then how are you supposed to get clients? You need to advertise yourself. With the internet being so vast we have access to clients through the whole Earth. Just think you can get your voice heard through FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and list keeps growing. When a client needs help they search social media. They don’t need to get off their couch and go to a store or walk the streets. They just need to open their laptop, cellphone or tablet. They can walk the digital marketplace. So how do you get more clients? Let people know what you do and how to get access to your knowledge. Make your presence known.

Not Marketing Yourself in the Right Places

Determine where your high-end prospective customers are likely to spend most of their time. Then come up with marketing material that speaks to their needs, offering real solutions at an affordable price. You need to become an expert in your niche. How do you so this? You can write your own material. You can create courses. You can write articles like the one that you are seeing right now. You can hire ghost writers and buy PLR (Private Label Rights) products. You need to provide content that people want to read. They want to learn about what you know. How can you fix their problem? The reason people seek advice is because they have a problem. You have the solution. You just have to let people know that you have it. When you are deciding where to place your marketing , do testing. Find where the best traffic comes from for your niche. Where do people search for answers that you can provide? Do research and put into action your plans. Plans will not help you make money. Action will help you make money. Fail to succeed. Everyone that has made it big in business has failed more than they can count. But they were persistent and had the courage to go forward. Fall forward instead of falling backward.

Not Asking Happy Customers for Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is key to a successful business. Happy customers spreading the word about how reliable and professional you are. This can make all the difference between a full calendar of regular assignments, and you having to chase all over trying to get gigs. Networking is a business of referrals. Why do you think that Facebook and all of the social media platforms have gotten so big. Most of them were almost overnight. When you think about Coca-Cola. It took years to build its brand. But, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms grow overnight. Why does this happen to these businesses and not your? What makes them different from yours? They get referral. They make it profitable to refer people to their brand. Just think when you buy a insurance policy, what do they ask? They ask for referrals. Have you ever owned a time-share? Well they ask for referrals and give you incentives for the more that you give them. You open a bank account, they ask for referrals. When you see a movie and it is awesome. You go and tell other people. You are referring people to the movie. So, do the same with your business. If you have clients that like what you do, then ask for referrals. All they can do is say “No”. Then you need to understand why. What can you do to make the customer happier and safer to refer someone to you? What can you do to incentivize them giving you a referral? Referrals are the lifeblood of a business. If you don’t have enough business then ask your current clients for referrals. You will be surprised on how much more business you will have.


In this article we explored the 8 biggest mistakes that businesses make when they are trying to attract new clients. May you have more. I would like to hear about your stories, we all grow from others. When we help each other we can make a better world.

Thanks for reading and look for more articles like this. When you need help in your business look to “BIZ OWNER SURVIVAL GUIDE” to help you find answers to your business questions.

I wish you success in whatever you do.


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