Respect the Flag

How dare you disrespect the flag? You call yourself an American. Do you understand how many people have died for this country? When you hear the national anthem we should stand and respect the flag. Why do you think they drape flags on coffins when a soldier dies? It is out of respect. They loved our country enough to dies for it. We are not perfect , but show me a country that is perfect. Do we have faults? Yes, we do but it not all of America. We need to stop living in the past and start living for now. We need to stop trying to tear down our history and learn from it. America was founded on the principal that all men were created equal under God. That means men and women. We need to respect each other. Do your research and find out how many people died to protect our country. How many men and women standup for our freedom each day. You dare to kneel when the national anthem is played. You dare to let the flag drop to the ground. You dare to stand the flag. YOU DARE TO BURN THE FLAG. This is a disrespect to our country. If you don’t like it them get F*CK OUT. There are other countries that will treat you a lot worse and not respect you. America is the home of the FREE THE BRAVE. Not cowards that stand behind their signs and chants. JOIN THE MILITARY and learn the true meaning of SACRIFICE. You are snot nosed , overprivileged, NO BRAINS , IDIOTS if you disrespect our flag. How dare you…

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