Is your Identity Safe? (Data Breach Report 2020)

All we here about is the COVID numbers. What about our PII (Personal Identifiable Information) information? Doesn’t anyone care about the information that is being leaked on to the web? How about all of the data that is being exposed each time that you post something on Facebook, Twitter or any other sites. This information can be used to created a digital identity for you. In this article we will expose the data breaches that have happened since the beginning of the year 2020 till now. Hold on to your chairs, this is going to be a wild one.

Landry’scredit/debit cards/verification codes
expiration dates
Jan 2, 2020
Peekaboo Momentsemail addresses, geo location data,
device data, links to photos
Jan 14, 2020
Hanna Andersonnames, shipping addresses, billing
Jan 22, 2020
Microsoft280 Million customer records, email
addresses, IP addresses and support
case information
Jan 22, 2020
85,000 medical patientsJan 23, 2020
Estee Lauder440 Million customer records, email
addresses, storage information
Feb 11, 2020
Fifth Third Bank1,150 branches, customer names,
email addresses, SSN, driver licenses,
Mother’s maiden names , address
phone number, DOB, Acct numbers
Feb 11, 2020
Health Share
of Oregon
654,000 medical information , names,
addresses, phone numbers, DOB, SSN,
Medicaid #’s

Feb 13, 2020
MGM Resorts10.6 million hotel
guests, names, addresses, phone, numbers,
emails, DOB
Feb 20, 2020
PhotoSquared100,000 , photos, names, addresses, order receipts, shipping labelsFeb 20,2020
SlickWraps850,000 names, emails, physical addresses, phone numbers, purchase historyFeb 24, 2020
Walgreensundisclosed, 10 million app downloads, names,
prescription information, drug names, store numbers and addresses
Mar 2, 2020
Princess and Holland America , names,
addresses, SSN, Gov ID, Passport #’s , DL#, CC#
health related information
Mar 4, 2020
J-Crewunknown, last 4 CC#, Expiration dates,
card types, billing addresses, order numbers,
shipping confirmation numbers, shipping status
Mar 4, 2020
T-Mobileunknown, names, addresses, SSN, financial
information, GOV ID, phone numbers
billing and account information
Mar 5, 2020
Whisper900 Million, nicknames, ages, ethnicities,
genders, location of data
Mar 11, 2020
TrueFireunknown, names, addresses, payment info,
CC Exp, Security codes
Mar 18, 2020
UK Security
5 billion records, stored on Elaticsearch (AWS),
information from Adobe, Twitter, Tumbler and
LinkedIn (over last 7 years of data)
Mar 19, 2020
280,000 current and former employees, names,
addresses, SSN, DL#, bank account info, passport
numbers, DOB
Mar 24, 2020
5.2 million guest information, names, addresses,
email, phone numbers, loyalty info, company
genders, DOB, Airline loyalty and language
Mar 31, 2020
Key Ring14 million, names, full CC# info, email, DOB,
address, membership ID numbers, retail club
loyalty card, GOV ID, gift cards, medical card info
medical marijuana IDs, IP address, encrypted
Apr 6,
SanFrancisco (SFO)usernames, passwords Apr 13, 2020
Zoom500,000 found on dark web , sale .02 , email,
passwords, personal meetings URLs, host keys
Apr 14, 2020
Quidd4 million posted on dark web for free, usernames
email, hashed account passwords
Apr 14, 2020
112,000 employees and patients , names, DOB,
SSN, DL#, Medical condition and bank info
Apr 20, 2020
Facebook267 million profiles on dark web for sale, $600,
Apr 21, 2020
Paay2.5 million card transcations CC#, Exp Date,
Amount spent
Apr 22, 2020
Nintendo160,000 player accounts, name, DOB, gender
Country/Region and email
Apr 27, 2020
233,000 medical patients, medical information,
SSN , names
Apr 28,
GoDaddy19 million , user names, passwordsMay 4, 2020
Ransomeware attack — held company hostage for BitCoin – Dialysis CompanyMay 5, 2020
387,000 current and former inmates, names, DOB
SSN and addresses
May 13, 2020
Ransomeware attack – W2 or 1099 information May 13, 2020
Home Chef8 million users, names, email, phone numbers,
scrambled passwords, last 4 CC#
May 20, 2020
Wishbone40 million mobile app users, for sale on dark web
usernames, emails , phone numbers. location
information and hashed passwords
May 20, 2020
Mathway25 million app users, sale on dark web, email ,
May 24, 2020
Amtrakundisclosed , usernames, passwords and PIIJun 2,
Claires3500 locations, Pay information unknown Jun 15,
CognizantRansomeware attack, PII, Financial infoJun 17, 2020
BlueLeaks296GB of data, US Law Enforcement agencies and
fuse centers , scanned documents, videos, emails
audio files, PII , Financial info
Jun 22,
Twitterundisclosed business accounts, Business users
email , Last 4 CC#, phone numbers
Jun 23,
ClubillionMillions of users PII, IP addresses, amount won,
200 million records a day exposed
July 7,

There you have it. Now the questions is your data safe? Most likely you can see that it is not. But there are ways that you can protect yourself. If you have not gotten a chance , get my book “Identity Theft Exposed“. We go over the different types of Identity Theft and also how to prevent it from happening. If it does happen then we can help you to restore your identity. The bottom line is that there are scarier things then COVID. Each day your data maybe exposed and then used for evil deeds. Do yourself a favor and get your self protected. Anyone that becomes a client we will give you a bonus. Just mention this article in your comments.

Be Safe and Keep your family Safe.

God Bless you and your family.

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