7 Steps To FINANCIAL FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE For Millennials & Students!

Being young and starting out in life is a little scary. We have all been there. Myself that was a little while back. No it was not before the dinosaurs roamed the earth or when Adam and Eve were created. But, I am not a spring chicken. But, one thing that I did realize growing up is that time flies. So, you need to be prepared for the future. If you are not then it will bite you in the assets. So, where do you get started , when do you get started, these are the questions that need to be answered. In this article I will point out some of the things that you can do to get started the right way. You are the next generation and the pride of the future. Make us proud.


Discontinue your fascination about the doom and gloom and start fascinated by the options, begin thinking about what you could create for yourself. Even though it can be only something really small, doing it given that as you do it you see the outcome you see how powerful and persons who you might be. Even have a fairly good think about your attitude on the subject of spending. My money mantra is handiest purchase what you love, value, use and appreciate. Building wealth has surely nothing to do with how a lot you earn however what you do with what you earn. Don’t get me wrong I like a luxury purchase.

Nevertheless, I do it inside a balanced process. I prioritize my economic objectives and my monetary successes earlier than I am going and reward with some extravagant high-priced purchase.

Have a fiscal snapshot

You have to comprehend where you stand financially proper now. So, open up your Excel spreadsheet and write down cutting-edge date and write down your whole belongings, all of your liabilities and the way much passive income you earn.

Now, whilst you first begin doing this it would seem very small. Now not much to place into the Excel spreadsheet however as you see as time goes with the aid of and you frequently replace this Excel spreadsheet, you will see that you’re absolutely getting wealthier and wealthier and due to the fact that you can see that growth you can be more influenced and extra committed and related to growing these numbers. So on the subject of what you place in that Excel spreadsheet. I’m fairly sorry, it doesn’t comprise cars, depreciating property, even those luxurious purchases like a fashion designer purse. It’s actual monetary property So you’ll write down your retirement savings reminiscent of your 401k plan or your superannuation account. You’ll write down any money savings that you’ve any investments that you might own like shares or term deposits and even property or bonds.

Put them down on this Excel spreadsheet and add them up. On the other column in the Excel spreadsheet you write down your whole liabilities. So any credit card debt that you just might possess, any scholar debt that you just would have, any investment loans or mortgages. Write down these numbers and add all of them up. This will then enable you to create a net determine. This is the place you are taking the belongings and deduct the liabilities. It’ll provide you with a internet wealth better and as I mentioned, ensure you set down trendy date. In the third column, I want you to write down how a lot passive earnings you earn. On the moment it probably zero, but that’s something we’re going to study to construct by means of gazing my videos and being subscribed to this channel.

Now, examples of passive earnings you might earn it things like earning curiosity off bank bills you might only be $1 per thirty days that they earn in interest and that is okay considering the fact that I’m going to show you how to construct it. We’re going to rather flip up the quantity for your passive income due to the fact that’s the key foundation to actual financial independence and protection. Now, whenever something alterations on your trouble or even each month, go into that excel spreadsheet and replace it evaluation it. See what is working and notice what’s growing.

Possibly your organization is hanging more cash into your superannuation. Account might be you are paying off these credit card debts. Now, as I said review and replace this Excel spreadsheet on a general basis. It’s a little bit like reducing weight or going on a health plan. Whilst you soar on the scale, you will discover exactly how much you weigh and that’s manner that you would be able to set the targets as to how so much weight you want to truly free. Now, while you see that weight coming down. You’re feeling extra inclined and extra influenced extra sticking to the food regimen, the endeavor plan on account that you will find it can be really working. This is exactly the same precept in relation to that wealth spreadsheet. You will see that you are surely getting wealthier. You will find that economic safety is realistic and you can see how powerful and able you might be.  

Have the Finances

Having the finances just isn’t about being restrictive or depriving yourself or being imply. It is simply with ease about having spending boundaries so that you do not go and blow all that money and get up at some point and go woah, where is all my cash long gone? That isn’t what we wish to do. We wish to sincerely use our money and spin it and invest it and put it aside accurately earlier than it all goes and when you have the finances you could genuinely put within the finances your fiscal ambitions. So say for illustration, you will have an intention to save lots of up thirty thousand greenbacks for a deposit for your first house. For your budget you set in a regular financial savings plan so that you are making it sincerely happen.

Set monetary ambitions

You need to have fiscal pursuits which might be brief, medium and long term. They must be distinctive. So you need to say to yourself. I need to construct up a passive revenue of $100,000 per yr or I want to buy an investment property worth $300,000. You must have a numerical small print in your fiscal goals and must be competent to articulate them. So in case you bump into me in the street and come to a decision to come back as much as say hello, which I would love.

I need to hear what your friendship goal is. I would like you to turn up and say good day Michael I read your article on Biz Owner Survival Guide, my economic goal is to get rid of my $10,000 credit card debt through January 2021. I need to hear exactly how so much and with the aid of what time limit because it makes you responsible. Places a lie on the stand and you understand that point is ticking so you’ll pull your finger out and make matters occur.

So that intention has got to have it in quantity and it has to have a cut-off date. On no account say in three months time or in six months’ time because you are normally pushing that intention into the long run. Supply your self up a relatively strict closing date so that you just work towards it at all times. These short and medium-term targets can also be daily and month-to-month, quarterly and with the aid of yearly and annually. Make certain that they’re all in line with every different. So that you your whole short-time period targets are positively aligned to the fulfillment of the massive photograph intention. I love that announcing we perpetually overestimate what we can do in sooner or later, however we underestimate what we can acquire in a single yr. Through breaking one gigantic intention into little chunk-sized mini manageable and viable pursuits just like the ideas of a thousand dollar mission. That is how we get stuff performed. That is how we develop. That is how we succeed.

Coach yourself

Ensure you’re reading books and listening to podcasts on Success Stories. One of the first books that you should read is “Think and Grow Rich”. It was written in the 1920’s but all of the Billionaires have read it. There are so many other books that you can read by well known authors. Get your head out of the TV and the computer. This is extremely most important. You have to be feeding your brains with you fully grasp what cash is. How cash work, the right way to use money, the best way to spend money, find out how to invest money and find out how to grow cash. Read some of my other articles on my blog. They have tips and tricks about finance and business.

We share pointers and tricks and each week I speak about books that I am studying. I share with you other key features about these books. It’s an incredibly connected and powerful crew where we’re all helping each and every other acquire our financial objectives due to the fact we’re making each different accountable.

Do it

Stop talking about it and just do it. You can plan all day but until you actually do it, nothing get’s done. Don’t be afraid of failing. Failing is all about learning. You may not want to hear it but the most successful people failed before they accomplished anything. Take Abraham Lincoln, he failed every time that he ran for office except the President of the United States. Do you use a light bulb or a lamp? Of course you do. Do you know that Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before succeeding. I am glad that he did not give up or we would not have lights. What about the Wright Brothers, do you think they succeeded on the first time with inventing flight? No way. Don’t take it from me. Do you research ,but don’t just read about it. Do it. Nike has the famous saying “Just Do it”. Well start listening.

That is how I get forward financially. So discontinue the entire chatter on your mind speaking to your family your acquaintances about your goals and your passions. That used to be satisfactory however tell them what you might be truly doing rather than what you are going to do. Make silence be your success. Simply get out and start doing it and as you do it you are going to inspire different persons to keep doing it as well. So ensure you keep people up to date on what you have been doing considering it’s significantly strong and magical.

Start Investing

Of direction, it’s principal to save and store up for these big monetary ambitions, like buying your home paying, off your debt those don’t seem to be really fundamental, however once you’ve gotten achieved that start investing start constructing lengthy-time period passive income streams.

There are different ways that you can start investing. One of the principles that you should learn is the principle of 72. Divide the interest rate into 72 and this will give you how many years your money will double. Take if you are 22 years old. If you were to take $25 and invest it each month for 10 years how much would you have? You would have $3000 right? Wrong you would have a lot more. Depending on the interest rate that you have will determine how much you would earn. Can you put aside $25? Sure you can, just give up a meal at McDonalds or a movie once a month. Let’s figure how much you would have in the account. Say, hypothetically you had found an account that paid 6% interest (money market account). You take 72 divide it by 6 and that is 12. So, your money will double in 12 years. Let’s make this interesting. Say, you were able to earn an additional $1000 a month above your regular job. Take that money and invest it. At the end of the year you would have $12,000 saved. Now let that set for 10 years. Guess what you would have. $24,146 would be in your account. Let that sit for 30 years. You would have $72,585 in the bank. If you have $12,000 you could probably get 12%. I can show you investments that have paid over that. You would have $428,919.22. Say, we put away $120,000 in 10 years. Let that set for 30 years. Who wants to be a millionaire. How about $4,389,192. It is not about how much you invest but consistency. You have the ability to start now , while you are young. The question is where can I find the extra income. Well you could go and borrow money from a bank. That is not likely to happen. You could go back to school and get another degree. Well that will cost you the $120,000 that you wanted to invest. You could buy a franchise but then you will be working 80 or more to make that $120,000 plus have employees and more liability. Another option is to find a part-time gig and work to make that $1,000 a month for investment. I have done that as I was growing up but did not take all of my advice. I found a company that I could work 10 hours a week and make an additional $1,000 or more per month. If you are interested in learning how, then click on this link Extra Income. Do you research and you will find something that meets your passion. But just Do It.

The bottom line is when it comes to investing. Be smart. Do you research. Find advisors that can help you make educated decisions. Build an income that is residual and also passive. Enjoy your younger years but don’t forget about the future. When you think. Do I need another car? Do I really need that new pair of sneakers ($200)? How much will I loose if I buy it now? Just think financially smart. Don’t do what our generation has done and buy another house or car. Put money away so that you can retire early and enjoy the rest of your life. The only think that we cannot get back in life is time. So, don’t waste it. By the way, ask for help. Your parents have already done this before, so they know what is coming. Think before you act. You can always reach out to me for answers to your questions. I may not know all of the answers but I can lead you to those that do. Henry Ford was told the one time “You do not know anything about motors”. He said “I don’t need to that is what I pay these people to know.” You need to surround yourself with a mastermind. People that you know and trust that know more than you do. That is the last point of success.

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